UltraMax Gelcoat System

Optimized design and stainless steel construction where you need it

UltraMax Gelcoat system features low pressure with easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance. Featuring the UltraMAX pumping system utilizing a heavy duty stainless steel catalyst pump, this machine allows the operator to adjust the preferred setting with ease. Infinite catalyst settings are available with a simple adjustment.

Modular Versatility:
Modular components allow us to create the optimum configuration for your needs. Utilizing quick-change components extends the system life and allows for little or no down time. The major components change out in 10 minutes or less.

Versatile Spray
Delivering versatile spray and impinge gelcoat performance (FIT®) you can choose your preference: internal or external mix configurations.

Specs & Details




  • Output Capabilities: 1-6 lbs/min (.45-2.7 kg/min)
  • Catalyst Percentage: .75% to 3% by volume
  • Air Consumption: 5-7 CFM (142 – 198 L/min)
  • Pump Ratio: 11:1, 20:1 & 30:1
  • Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100 psi


  • CFH-4000-B
  • CFH-4000-AI (Air Initiate)
  • CB-8000 Monitor
  • CTS-9000 Catalyst Alarm
  • CFH-2000
  • M-ADG Mixers

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