From H.I.S., to SystemOne, to APS, to UltraMax and Patriot, MVP is your most comprehensive source for Light RTM equipment. MVP has been on the forefront of developing innovative technology that drives Composites production.

Open Mold Equipment - Blue Line

Chopper/Wetout Equipment

Deliver power, versatility, and unprecedented precision to the composites production process.

Gelcoat Equipment

Our Gelcoat Guns eliminates the needle and seat design, boosts cost savings, and reduces emissions.

Closed Mold Infusion/RTM Equipment – Green Line

Closed Mold Equipment - Green Line

Magnum Venus Products offers multiple system and ancillary equipment solutions to meet the closed mold needs of the Composites Industry.

Guns - Silver Line

Guns - Silver Line

Magnum Venus Product’s Pro Gun has been a staple of the MVP Product Line for over 20 years.

Adhesives - Red Line

Adhesives - Red Line

Compact and efficient systems that provide a new level of precision in the delivery of putty to your products.

Foams & Coatings/Pultrusion - White Line

Fixed Ratio System Equipment

Our new line of Polyurethane Equipment combines superior performance and high output to meet crucial production needs of spray foam and polyureas.

Variable Ratio Equipment

Magnum Venus Products is pleased to introduce a system ideal for Composite Pultrusion manufacturers.

Accessories - Gold Line

Accessories - Gold Line

The CLT Series of Catalyst Alarms provide the user with an audible alarm when the flow of catalyst gets too low during operation.

Advance Equipment Division - Light Blue Line

Accessory Equipment

MVP offers a variety of accessories to support our Advanced Equipment products.


MVP series impregnator systems are a series of high output, roll goods layup machines designed for wetting and placing woven roving and other roll good materials.

Mandrels & Drives

Equipment designed for extraction or pulling mandrels from the cured composite products.


MVP reciprocator series is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a chopper gun and/or gelcoat spray gun that traverse a mold or table.


MVP’s line of filament winding equipment offers many unique features such as dual side production, fully integrated pumping systems, choices on number of axes and level of controls.

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