Single Component Systems

Compact material unloader for highly viscous materials

Robust and Dependable Dispensing:

  • Both medium and high viscous materials are dispensed with a steady flow of material
  • Limited amounts of maintenance increase production efficiencies for all users

Performance-Enhancing Design:

  • Unique system shape requires only one user for drum changes
  • Lift system helps load drums and reduce the risk of operator injury
  • 5-gallon model has minimal footprint for smaller production spaces
  • Portability allows manufacturers to move system to multiple lines.

Control Panel Operation:

  • All operational features of the unit are located on one clearly marked panel
  • Indicator lights alert users when material is running low and needs changing

Increased Post Diameter:

  • Ability to generate enough force to properly dispense materials over 3 million centipoise

Specs & Details



Max Output: approximately 1.8 gal/min (6.8 L/min)
Volumetric Displacement: 5.3 in^3/stroke
Available Pump Ratio: 30:1 or 60:1
Max Air Input Pressure: 100 psi (7 bar)


Max Output: approximately 0.4 gal/min (1.5 L/min) Volumetric Displacement: 1.2 in^3/stroke
Available Pump Ratio: 30:1 or 65:1
Max Air Input Pressure: 100 psi (7 bar)