MiniLink Hydraulic System

Ideal for composite pultrusion manufacturers

The MiniLink Hydraulic System features a hydraulic meter and cylinder to drive the metering system, delivers an extremely consistent mix/meter of materials at low flow rates, ideal for low & high pressure applications, and more.

The MiniLink system uses a hydraulic motor and cylinder to drive the metering system, which delivers an extremely consistent mix/meter of materials at low flow rates not possible with a pneumatic drive system. It is ideal for low and high pressure applications with material viscosity from 20 cps to 40,000 cps, at flow rates under a half gallon/minute (1.893 L/min.).

This is a critical requirement when injecting mixed/metered resin into a pultrusion die, maintaining proper glass to resin ratios with almost no waste. The hydraulic pump reversal is achieved using two magnetic proximity switches for rapid pump reversal change.

Both material fluid sections are constructed from stainless steel, and the piston rod and fluid cylinders use hardened 440 stainless steel for wear resistance. Both fluid sections are adjustable for ratio variations, though typical applications only require a 1:1 ratio. The control panel includes a single turn potentiometer to control the speed of the metering system, and an LCD rate indicator for speed reference.

Two thermoplastic 15 gallon gravity feed containers with angle base bottoms are standard. Each container feed line includes filter housings with 30-mesh screens. The resin tank lid includes an air driven mixer and the Isocyanates tank lid has a desiccant vent dryer.

The Automatic 1:1 Pro Gun is used for mixing/dispensing of the A & B materials using a pneumatic actuator for open/close position. Both A & B materials only come into contact at the static mixer, so the only part to be replaced if the gun is not flushed or purged is an inexpensive static mixer.

A 3-gallon solvent tank with air purge selector valve makes clean-up a breeze on system shut-down.

Specs & Details




  • Ratio:
    • Two HVPC-2200: 1:1 TO 3.7:1
    • VHPC-2200 & VHPC-3200-ADH: 1.84:1 TO 5.85:1
    • VHPC-2200 & VHPC-4200: 4.15:1 TO 13:1
  • Metering pumps: 120 Volt, 22 amp or 220V single phase, 13.7 amp (voltage must be specified on order)
  • Air requirements: 20 CFM at 100 psi of clean dry air
  • Tanks: 15-gallon (57 liter) gravity feed (max fill load, 12-gallons each)
  • Flush tank: 3-gallon (11 liter) pressure tank


  • In-line Resin Heaters
  • Heated Hoses

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