Econo Filament Winder

Chop/Hoop winding system designed for pipe to large diameter tank manufacturing

This manually controlled machine boasts low production costs in the manufacture of superior corrosion-resistant products. The system is the ideal choice for production needs that do not require full automation.

Easy access to controls
Controls for carriage direction and speed, roller pressure and styrene spray are all mounted on the carriage control box.

Varied material applications
The Econo-Winder can apply mylar parting film, surface veils, chopped liners, filament winding strands, wax surface coat, pigmented surface layer, unidirectional tape, woven roving tape and various special resin mixtures.
Ability to grow with operation: Option of adding wet bath technology, and componenets to add automation.

The Econo-Winder is the base model in our innovative, modular filament winding product line. Products commonly made with this system include tanks for storing oil, brine and chemicals and smokestack liners.

The Econo-Winder allows a second mandrel to be in production while the first is curing. An chop-and-spray gun is used to wet out up to 60 winder strands at a production rate up to 200 SFM.

The beauty of the Econo-Winder modularity is the ability to easily upgrade to the Ultra-Winder for a minimum cost.

Specs & Details



System Includes:

  • Manual Operator Control
  • Roll Goods Applicator
  • Winding Glass Rack
  • Pumping System
  • Auto Roll-out Assembly


  • Cantilevered Mandrel Drive Assemblies
  • Head and Tailstock Supported Drive Assemblies
  • Collapsible and non-collapsible Mandrel Assemblies
  • Mandrel/Part support and Transportation Cart Assemblies
  • Material Monitoring
  • Winding Bath
  • Work Platform
  • Ultra Winding Control System

Physical Equipment Specs:

  • Mandrel Diameter: 2 inch (50.8mm) – 16.4 ft (5m)
  • Mandrel Length: 20 ft (6.1m)
  • Maximum Standard: 40ft (12.2m) (Optional)
  • Electrical Requirements: 380/480 Volts, 60 amp. Three Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Requirements: Standard: 70 CFM
  • Average Shipping Information: (Options to 40ft) Shipping dimensions dependent upon final configuration. MVP Inside Sales will advise on order.

Output Capabilities:

  • Resin: Up to 30lbs/min (13.6kg)
  • Chopped Glass: Up to 8 lbs/min (4.9kg)
  • Hoop Wind Glass: Up to 18lbs/min (8.2kg)
  • Catalyst Ratio: 0.5% to 1.25% (0.4%-2.2% with mid-range pump)

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