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MVP was built by a caring, people-first team on values that continue to guide it today. Our growth and success can be attributed to an inspired team of family and leaders with a passion for serving others.

Our corporate purpose makes us who we are and inspires us every day. As we continue to grow, the beliefs and family values that are most important to us stay the same – to honor God by putting people first, pursuing excellence in all we do, and serving our communities with integrity and respect.

Family Owned

We take great pride in our family owned business roots. For over 80 years, the Hedger family has led the company with the same passion and pursuit of excellence established by its founder, Jim Hedger Sr.. Many second generation family members are continuing his tradition today in leadership roles within the company, while others are applying their talents in other areas of the community. Much of the third generation is also carrying on the family legacy working in a variety of roles from operations and sales to business development and engineering.

Peter Hedger Sr.


“To cultivate great ideas which truly make an impact, you must never be afraid to listen and learn something new.”

Virginia Ciesielski

Principal and Family Governance Ambassador

“I strive to lead with integrity and care to truly embody what it means to be a family business by aligning family and business goals company-wide.”

Joseph Hedger

Principal and Senior Vice President

“Trust and teamwork create a work environment where people feel empowered and invested to serve the company and community to their best ability.”

A Proud History of Innovation

The original Graves Spray Supply in Chicago, IL
Jim Hedger Sr., former president and CEO of Magnum Industries
Frank Ives, founder of Venus Products

Magnum Venus Products (MVP), first known as Graves Spray Supply, was purchased in 1947 in Chicago by B.J. Hedger. His son, Jim Hedger Sr., grew the company at a rapid pace to establish Graves as a leading distributor for coating equipment and cemented a reputation for excellence with customers like Ford, Chrysler, GM, GE and many more. After legally incorporating in 1967, Graves launched full service equipment distribution and embarked into the newly developing industry of spray-up fiberglass manufacturing dispensing systems in the 1970’s. In doing so, Graves became the largest fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) equipment distributor in North America and maintained that place until the early 1980’s.

In the early 1980’s, Jim Hedger Sr. recognized the potential for continued growth in the FRP industry and founded Magnum Industries, evolving from solely distribution to the design and manufacture of equipment. Magnum went on to develop many designs that would shape the industry, including the patented Airless Air-Assist technology for applicators with a focus on reducing emissions and waste. In 1983, the first Magnum applicator was shipped out.

On the other side of the country, Venus Products was also embracing the up and coming FRP industry. Founded near Seattle, Washington by Frank Ives in 1954, Venus was the first to design, patent and produce internal mix fiberglass spray technology. Venus’ Hydraulic Injection System was the first piece of equipment to provide true airless, internal mixing, reducing atomization and material waste.

Both Magnum and Venus’ equipment were recognized around the world for engineering excellence. In September 2000, Graves Spray Supply (Magnum Industries) acquired Venus Products. This merger created a new company; Magnum Venus Products (MVP). Jim Hedger Sr. personally oversaw the alliance of the two companies and their technologies. Now a powerhouse in the FRP industry, MVP became the largest FRP equipment manufacturer in the world with a vast reach from serving the needs of small shops to supplying the demands of large automated and advanced operations.

Anticipating the changing emissions control standards, Hedger led the MVP advanced engineering group in 2002 to develop and patent the FIT® (Fluid Impingement Technology) system designed to reduce styrene emissions in the spray-up process. The FIT® system was a continuation of early innovations by Venus Products’ FloChop technology which took the first steps to tackle emission challenges. FIT® reduced emissions below that of FloChop, with the added benefit of waste reduction and increased transfer efficiencies. Both government regulatory bodies and the industry were excited about this innovation as it allowed the fabricator to meet the new regulations without major changes to production methods.

In the early 2000’s, MVP was a leader in the industry’s transition toward closed mold (RTM and infusion) production which led to MVP’s purchase of Plastech T.T. in 2006, held until 2013. MVP was privy to manufacturers’ need for a closed mold process designed for complicated parts which rigid RTM molds could not accommodate. This led to the development of the Flex Molding Process, a comprehensive product line that includes pumping systems, unique accessories and patent-pending seals, as well as expert consultation and training courses that are a true transfer of technology from MVP to the users.

In April 2010, after decades of strategic leadership and establishing MVP’s reputation for excellence, Jim Hedger, Sr. passed away. His legacy, however, continues through some of his children and grandchildren who are leading the company, and the industry, into the future of fluid movement and production solutions.


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