Selip S.p.A. has been in operation for nearly six decades and has undergone multiple transformations during this time. The latest transformation was the leap to incorporate filament winding with the help of Magnum Venus Products (MVP).

Initially, the company’s plant in Fotanellato, Italy produced fiberglass boats. However, the first big change was on the horizon. In 1966, the company began producing tanks using filament winding technology, leaving the nautical sector behind.

Since then, many more evolutions have taken place from the introduction of a plant in Rome aimed at manufacturing corrosion-proof tanks, to production of fiberglass scrubbers and chimneys, and a move into defense applications, including fiberglass tanks for minesweepers supplied to several of the world’s navies in 1985.

Today, Selip is the Italian market leader in the construction and production of a number of advanced composite applications, and they’ve undergone another radical shift.

The Problem: Separate Processes Stifle Efficiency

At Selip, achieving automation and efficiency without sacrificing quality is key. The company decided it was time to take a look at its filament winding process, which required separate processes for winding filament on the end domes and on the sidewalls of tanks during production.

By integrating the Ultra Filament Winder from MVP, this separation was eliminated.  Both processes were combined into one process, greatly increasing the speed and quality of production.

The Solution: An End-to-End, Easy to Operate Winder

The most versatile automated filament winder on the market today, the MVP Ultra Filament Winder features equipment for the application of hoop winding strands and helical winding strands, greatly increasing the production versatility of Selip’s operation.

For vessels that need to stand up to extensive pressure and difficult manufacturing situations, helical winding can achieve necessary axial strength without using unidirectional tape goods needed with chop-hoop wound tanks, resulting in fiberglass material savings.

With the winder’s four-axis filament winding system, it is capable of bottle winding from a 5-degree winding angle through an 89-degree angle, with a part diameter up to 4.5 meters and part length of 12 meters, providing maximum agility for Selip’s diverse needs.

The filament winder is controlled from a simple, user-friendly computer control program, and programming consists of input variables like part diameter, part length, wind angle and winding band width. The computer leverages those pre-set parameters to output the best winding pattern available, taking the guesswork out of efficiency. Because the system is so simple to use, featuring a streamlined user interface and CadFil software package, winding patterns can be stored for use on repetitive productions.

“With the help of MVP’s filament winding solutions, Selip has been able to open new doors and boost production rates, efficiency and quality for our customers in all industry segments,” said Carlo Romani, Selip CEO.

The Result: Selip Keeps On Revolutionizing the Composites Industry

Selip is able to elevate operations to an entirely new level with its new overhead, four-axis Ultra Filament Winder with multi-wind controls and programmed motion, coupled with MVP’s trusted high volume metering and pumping system fully integrated into the machine controls.

Further innovations set the Ultra Filament Winder apart in the composites market, such as instant online diagnostics to resolve filament winder issues, and a winding strand application rate sensor unit to maintain consistency and automatic resin level control.

The Ultra Filament Winder provides the total solution for the manufacturing of fiberglass tanks and pipes, allowing for chop/hoop winding, application of roll goods and continuous winding strands in hoop or helical patterns, and configurability.

Selip has seen an immediate spike in production rates and efficiency alongside a renewed commitment to ease of use and final part quality.

For more information about adding the Ultra Filament Winder to your operation, or any custom automation composites solution, visit or contact us directly at [email protected].

Filament Winding Videos
MVP Large Axis Filament Winder installed at Selip.
MVP Econo Filament Winder installed at Selip.
MVP Fusion Filament Winder demonstration.