Accurate Coatings Equipment (ACE)

Coatings Application System for Wood Finishings

ACE is a coatings application system for wood finishings such as cabinetry, furniture, windows and doors. The system was uniquely designed to reduce material waste and increase production output. During trials, customers have experienced up to 15% material savings compared to traditional pressure pots. ACE will enable you to dispense an accurate material ratio every time and reduce downtime by eliminating manual mixing. ACE is configurable with floor and wall mount options to meet your production needs.

  • Less material waste (up to 15%) and higher production yield compared to traditional pressure pots
  • Simple operations with easy-to-use controls and visible on/off switch
  • Reduce downtime with no manual mixing and only minimal flushing required
  • Configurable with various mounting options to meet production needs

Specs & Details



Output: up to 0.637 gal/min output
Air Consumption: 18.7 CFM, 530 L/min
Catalyst Range: 2% – 4.5%
Available Pump Ratio: 12:1
Max Air Input Pressure: 100 psi (7bar)

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