JEC World in Paris offers professionals in the composite industry to network globally and gain insight from one another in one location each year. JEC World 2018 took place earlier this month, and with over 40,000 industry professionals in attendance, Magnum Venus Products (MVP) jumped at the chance to participate!

MVP showcased several units at the event. Their latest development, the Cartridge Filling Station, was released late last year and was a big hit at JEC World. This product offers the convenience of cartridge autonomy and allows customers to purchase cartridge adhesives in bulk for use. With a simple interface and operating procedure, MVP’s Cartridge Filling Station saves time and money and reduces waste.

MVP also performed live demonstrations of both a filament winder and Innovator Pro unit. MVP has been designing and producing turnkey winding solutions for over 40 years. MVP’s winding equipment offers many a variety of features and a full line of accessories. Their line of innovator injection systems is powered and operated through pneumatics and are efficient and easy to operate.

One of the key highlights of the event for MVP was the distributor appreciation event Wednesday evening, March 7th. The goal was to show appreciation for their distributors and international partners for all that they do to serve MVP. They shared great food and drinks, and networked with professionals from all over the world!

Magnum Venus Products is a family company that is passionate about innovation and the production of the best quality equipment possible. The premier manufacturer of composite products, MVP serves manufacturers in diverse industries. Since its founding in 1938 in Chicago, MVP has grown exponentially and has positioned its distributors worldwide.

You can either catch up with MVP at an upcoming event or explore our products online.

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