Talon Guns

A simple, lightweight design for increased performance and easy maintenance

Available in Both Internal & External Mix Configurations

Game Changing Features: Advanced Valve Technology (Dynamic Discharge):

  • Rapid access design (RAD)
  • Advanced precision pattern control
  • AirCat Mono-Valve
  • Applied fulcrum force to reduce operator fatigue
  • Long lasting, durable quality with significantly fewer wear points
  • Ensures consistent, desired flow
  • Light-weight, comfortable feel in your hand for improved productivity

Superior Thrust Valve Design:

  • High-performance ceramic ball
  • Floating ball provides constantly changing wear surface
  • Carbide rod
  • Upper seal and rod exposed to lower pressure
  • Easy removal of entire cartridge

Superior AirCat Mono-Valve Design:

  • Simple design
  • One valve, two functions
  • Finely tuned actuation of air and catalyst
  • High-performance elastomeric seals
  • Easy removal of entire cartridge

Specs & Details




  • Output Resin: Approximately 8-20 lbs/min (3.6 – 9 kg/min) depending on materials
  • Glass-1 Strand: Approximately 2.6 lbs/min (1.1 kg/min)
  • Glass-2 Strand: Approximately 4 lbs/min (1.8 kg/min)
  • Total laminate: Approximately 12 lbs/min (5.4 kg/min)
  • Gelcoat Output: 2-12 lbs/min
  • Air Consumption: 8 CFM, Chopper 1 Strand; 9 CFM, Chopper 2 Strand 10 CFM


  • TLN-IC-100 Internal Mix Chopper Gun
  • TLN-IG-100 Internal Mix Gelcoat Gun
  • TLN-XC-100 External Mix Chopper Gun
  • TLN-XG-100 External Mix Gelcoat Gun
  • RC Cutters
  • VRC Cutters

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