Resin Rollers

A variety of roller attachments

This attachment can be used to dispense catalyzed resin directly into a mold without spraying or hand mixing. Normally, the Resin Roller Dispenser is used with an MVP Internal Mix Saturating Unit. Flushing of the tool is accomplished with the standard flush system for the gun.

Resin is pumped through a perforated T-bar onto the roller which then spreads the resin evenly onto the work surface. Where the roller is not required it can be removed allowing resin to flow directly from the T-bar. Roller Covers are low cost and easily replaceable.

The resin is never atomized when using the Resin Roller; thus, fumes are kept to a minimum.

Specs & Details



Output Capabilities: Up to 20 lbs ( 9 kg ) per minute

Part Numbers:

  • 72317-1: Resin Roller Assembly – 9″ x 18″
  • 72317-3: Resin Roller Assembly – 9″ x 36″
  • 72317-5: Resin Roller Assembly – 9 x 72″
  • IMW-UPS-11: UltraMAX™ Saturator Unit
  • 5111-01-01-INT: SuperPro Gun