Knoxville, Tenn., October 12, 2021… Magnum Venus Products (MVP), a leading manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions, is set to showcase new products and processes next week at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) in Dallas, Texas. Convening world leaders in composites communities, CAMX attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of industry professionals seeking to discover the latest advancements in composites manufacturing, product design, and materials engineering.

MVP will be showcasing a multitude of recently enhanced products and processes; primarily, open and closed molding standard equipment, and custom automation solutions. It will also be launching a new scalable model of the Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) system, a medium- to large-scale 3D printer of thermoset materials.

The new model, RAM 48, is an accessible and cost-effective additive solution, with a print area of four-feet by eight-feet and expandable print bed sections for customizable build dimensions. Developed in collaboration with scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the RAM system was the first to successfully produce large-scale prints of thermoset materials. Additionally, Polynt-Reichhold designed a specialty print media to use in the RAM system, PRD-1520. The team earned a CAMX ACE award in 2019 and is once again a finalist this year for developing a novel method to produce unsupported 90-degree overhangs in large-scale thermoset printing.

In addition to its additive solutions, MVP specializes in custom automation including a variety of systems for specialty impregnation, flat panel production, and filament winding solutions. The Fusion Filament Winder, launched last year, is an advanced 4-axis winder ideal for pressure vessels production and tubes for small to medium envelope part production. This technology will be on display at the CAMX show in an operating tabletop demonstration.

Closed molding advancements is a trending topic at CAMX each year. MVP’s latest closed molding technology, Fast Flow LRTM, has quickly garnered interest in the composites industry. This new technique utilizes collapsible resin channels to decrease resin flow distance for faster injection times. Process trials have proven to decrease injection times by up to 92%. MVP’s Senior Director of Business Development, Andrew Hedger, will be leading an educational session on Tuesday, October 19th at 3:00pm for attendees to learn more about the process.

Lastly, MVP will once again be leading demonstrations in the Composites One Demo Zone (Booth U27), where attendees will be introduced to a variation of closed molding products and processes.

Make sure you visit MVP at booth #AA28. MVP will be hosting a happy hour Wednesday at 4pm, where our specialty drink machine will mix your beverage for you. We can’t wait to connect with you at CAMX!

About MVP:

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications in composites and adhesives markets. MVP collaborates with its customers to offer tailored production solutions to meter, mix, dispense, and apply materials. For over 80 years, MVP has been a leading equipment provider for the marine, infrastructure, pool and bath, oil & gas, transportation, aerospace, and wind industries. Learn more at