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Flex Molding Process — A True Transfer of Technology

When Magnum Venus Products first began the development of Flex Molding Process, it was very important that our customers understood that they were not just buying an injection system, accessories and controls, but would be receiving a true transfer of technology that they could make their own.

A success story of this philosophy was recently featured in the JEC publication. Brazilian company, MVC, specializes in production technologies for engineering plastic components. In 2011, they started a project to supply hundreds of nacelle sets and spinners to Wind Turbine manufacturers. They had a great plan with one big challenge – how to make the hundreds of parts quickly and effectively.

That’s when they turned to MVP and Flex Molding Process.

In November 2011, MVP sent the technical specialists to the MVC facility to train their personnel in how to use Flex Molding Process to produce these parts. The training included how to construct a hardy, flexible reusable silicone membrane, integrated with the patented seals developed especially for MVP.

Using the Patriot® Duo 1:1 Silicone System, they were able to construct multiple membranes that ultimately saved them time, materials and money over the traditional “classic bag” infusion, and is significantly more eco-friendly as it does not need the “auxiliary” materials necessary to the traditional method. These include one-time use items such as:

  • Peel ply
  • Net Bleeder
  • Film

How does a reusable membrane save time? After its construction, it is ready to put on the mold and go. No measuring, cutting, sticking tacky tape, etc. What used to take MVC 8 hours to make using the traditional method, now takes only 1 hour with Flex Molding Process.

So, you would think MVP would be eager to keep this technology to itself, but you would be wrong. Once the training was complete, and MVC was up and running, they adapted what they had learned to develop their own proprietary production process called “RTM Skin”. “RTM Skin” incorporates the patented MVP seals, equipment and accessories, into their own model. In 2013, using the RTM Skin production method, MVC sill supply 300 complete nacelle sets, and spinners, and by 2015 plans to increase that to 800.

RTM Skin

Providing a true transfer of technology, from manufacturer to customer, is what makes Flex Molding Process unique. It’s not just a reusable membrane…it’s the ability to take the technology and make it your own.

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