Flex Molding Process Accessories and Seals

A host of flex molding process accessories and seals


IVx3 3-Position Injection Valve


IVx3 Additional Feedline Control Module


IVx3 Additional Feedline Control Modules

(8019 – 2 feedline control module) (8020 – 3 feedline control module)

IVx3 Service Module


Pneumatic PV Sensor


Pipe Clamp – Manual


Infusion Film Adapter – For Omega Feed Channel


Automatic Vacuum Channel Valve


Stretchable Flex Cloth


Corrugated Channel


Infusion Film Adapter – No Resin Feed Channel


Infusion Film Adapter – for 12mm Spiral Tube


Universal Insert for Silicone Bag Connector


Universal Insert – Resin Feed Channel


Universal Insert – PPVS, Vacuum & Locking Seal (25mm x 80mm)


10mm Resin Feed Connection Adaptor for Universal Insert (6319)

Universal Injection Adapter – 10mm


Universal Injection Adapter – 16mm


Universal Blank Plug


Universal Insert with Clip (6316)

Universal Insert with Clip


Flex Cloth (50 meter roll)



Small Locking Lip Seal (10 meter roll)


Mold Groove Seal


Silicone Suction Cup for Small Locking Lip Seal (pack of 25)


360º Small Double Locking Lip Seal for Membrane


Universal Insert – Groove Seal Locator


Grooved Band – Large and Small (10 meter roll)

(Small – 7711) (Large – 7712)

Groove Seal (25 meter roll)


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