Pumps & Guns

Pumps & Guns

MVP is the leading manufacturer of Composites application equipment. We serve customers in the boat, bus, rail, truck, bathroom, bathtub, tank, pipe industries and several more.  Click to navigate our product categories.

Advanced Equipment Division

Advanced Equipment Division

MVP has the most comprehensive line of Advanced Equipment in the Composites marketplace. We offer multiple filament winding systems, mandrels, drives and accessories. MVP also has flat panel production and impregnator systems as well. Click to navigate Advanced Equipment products.

MVP Sales & service

MVP Sales & service

At MVP, YOU come first! MVP prides itself on offering superior customer service. From our dedicated sales team, to our home office client services team, our number one priority is serving you. Click to learn how we may help  you.

About MVP

About MVP

Founded in 1938, MVP is a family owned and operated business. We do our best to integrate our family values into our business. We have a long and proud history of service and innovation, with plants located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Kent, Washington, and Clearwater, Florida. Click to learn more about who we are as a company.

Customer Focused. Product Driven.


MVP strives to be the most innovative and comprehensive customer experience in the composites industry. Our customers rank us best-in-class for customer service and equipment.


MVP’s mission is to provide the best client experience in the composites equipment industry by translating our family values into our business relationships. We excel by delivering superior customer service programs and the most innovative products and services that create solutions for our clients. Our dedicated employees continually push the boundaries of excellence. MVP. Customer Focused. Product Driven.

What's Happening at MVP

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Patriot™ Chop System Takes Open Molding to a Whole New Level

patriotchopactionMVP is the only company to offer a high level of precision in an open mold application like Chopping. The Patriot™ Chop/Wetout System is the only chop system available with a catalyst-to-resin variance ratio of less than 1%. This provides more consistent production part-to-part, less material waste, less production time and more. If you need a Chop/Wetout system and are looking for the best ROI, then you need to check out this system here.



Precise, Consistent Multi-Color Delivery

Patriot Multi-color Gelcoat Promo

The Patriot Multi-Color Gelcoat System is:

  • Easy to Set-Up and Operate
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Durable
  • Available in up to 6 Colors

…and more

Click here to learn more about this versatile system.

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