Manufacturing executives are under increasing pressure to reduce or even eliminate wasteful processes. One way to do this is through lean manufacturing, a term first used by John Krafcik in his 1988 article, “Triumph of the Lean Production System.” When working as a quality engineer in the Toyota-GM NUMMI joint venture, Krafcik noticed that as a manufacturer reduces waste, it sees quality increase, costs shrink, and production time saved. A major opportunity to reduce waste in manufacturing is in the area of expensive cartridges and inefficient dispensing of industrial adhesives and sealants.

Smithers Apex projects the adhesives market will grow 4.3% annually and reach $18 billion by 2021. Much of this growth will come from the increased use of packaged food in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. After listening to its customers, Magnus Venus Products (MVP) saw an opportunity to eliminate the waste caused by the ever-increasing adoption of single-use adhesive and sealant cartridges.

In order to allow customers the ability to buy material in bulk and yet have the flexibility of dispensing adhesives or sealants in cartridges,” says Peter Hedger, Director of Marketing and Communications at MVP, “we developed a machine that will help achieve exactly that.”

This machine, scheduled for release by MVP in Summer 2017, allows customers to eliminate expensive throwaway cartridges, streamline inefficient dispensing processes, and, most importantly, meet their lean manufacturing goals. The product uses cartridges that can be refilled from five-gallon to 55-gallon containers. The control panel is easy for operators to learn and use, ensuring accurate dispensing each and every time. The machine builds on MVP’s reputation for on-ratio dispensing by using pneumatic pressure sensors and by filling the two component materials into the cartridge independently. Best of all, this new product can be used in place of current cartridge systems.

This machine benefits customers in a number of important ways. Manufacturing personnel will reduce waste by eliminating disposable cartridges. Purchasing agents will save money with the ability to get the best price for adhesives and sealants bought in bulk, rather than in pre-packaged cartridges. Operators will save time due to more accurate dispensing and control. C-level executives will be pleased to see optimized operating margins and streamlined manufacturing processes.

The pressure to adopt lean manufacturing techniques and the growth in adhesive bonding over traditional fastening created the need for this product. The rapid growth of the worldwide rigid packaging adhesives market in the near future makes the need for innovative solutions even more urgent. That’s why MVP has built on their proven history of quality manufacturing to address this need with a machine that will help its customers reduce waste, save money and time, and meet the challenges of a lean manufacturing environment.

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