Congressman Adam Smith with MVP CEO Tom Hedger

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) was pleased to host United States Congressman, Adam Smith (D-WA), at the MVP Technology Center in Kent on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014.

Congressman Smith was conducted on a tour of both MVP facilities by MVP CEO, Mr. Tom Hedger, and the two were able to discuss the company in general, and more specifically about what is going on within the Composites Industry. Mr. Hedger was able to bring the Congressman up to speed on how some of the regulatory changes coming from agencies such as the EPA can have an enormous impact on Composites production, slowing down a primary method to expanding “green technology” such as Wind Energy. He also discussed how many “old” products are being made “new” through the use of composites, and how more and more of what is being produced for everything from transportation to space exploration is being made from Composite materials.

By the end of his tour, the Congressman had a better understanding of Magnum Venus Products, the technology behind the everyday products, and of the industry as a whole.


Mr. Hedger commented, “I believe it was a definite benefit to have the Congressman visit MVP, and learn more about such a key industry.” He continued, “It is my hope that, going forward, we will be able to build a positive working relationship with Congressman Smith and others in Congress to help them understand the important role that Composites production plays in the future of this country.”