Sustainable Adhesive Sealant Operations Creating a Healthier Future-minThe chemical industry has the biggest opportunity to implement green strategies due to the potentially adverse reaction on the surrounding environment. Implementing natural capitalism and sustainability principles lower costs, improve product quality, and increase customer satisfaction. Shaping operations with sustainable practices creates the path to better company operations. Motivation that was previously born from regulations are now the offspring of the desire for company efficiency, productivity, profitability, and ethics. After years of modest growth in the adoption of green programs, most major corporations have committed to sustainability goals not only by regulation but to create an overall better product and sustainable future. According to Green Biz Group Inc., 89% of Fortune 500 corporations integrate a sustainability report in their annual communications, driving the point that successful operations focus on sustainable systems and practices.

Smaller companies generally focus on shorter-term business goals when markets are uncertain. Price and performance remain paramount in buying decisions, while sustainability beyond meeting regulations is still only a bonus. Sustainability principles can help them better understand operations and improve efficiency and productivity during different periods while tracking historical data. Forecasts can be generated to help understand the needs of markets 10 years in the future and set milestones to fulfill those needs profitably.

Sustainability initiatives have had a major impact on many industries, especially on the composites industry. Sustainability has evolved from a buzzword in manufacturing to become a best known method in nearly all industries, including adhesives and sealants. In addition to reduced emissions and landfill waste, “green” products also reduce the chance of exposing workers to dangerous toxins. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from most adhesives and sealants. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects and also affect climate change. Proper exhaust, ventilation, and other engineered systems can help eliminate the harmful effects of VOCs and overall increase employee well-being.

When operating in the chemical, and in particular composites, industry, it is incredibly important to build brand equity as an environmentally and socially responsible corporation to ensure positive future business in a changing consumer and regulatory environment. Adhesives partners can help companies deliver on sustainability initiatives by committing to socially responsible operations. Packaging, transportation, and construction markets benefit by having access to an ethical and environmentally sound adhesive and sealant company. Exposing workers to harmful gases is possible when working with any adhesive/sealant and proper safety systems should be engineered into every application.

MVP is pioneering new ways to engineer reliable adhesive application equipment. They build high-quality but simple equipment for enhanced user-friendly interfaces. Their systems work in a myriad of applications and industries—from Forestry to Aerospace. Their systems are properly engineered with safety being a paramount concern in every application from robotic to manual solutions. Sustainability has been embraced for various reasons; meeting government regulations is the key reason, but overall efficiency gains are often realized from forging sustainable adhesive operations.

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