Sea Hunt Boat Company was founded in 1995 and has been building the #1 selling saltwater boat for the past 12 years. As a company with innovation and design at its core, Sea Hunt has been trusting Magnum Venus Products (MVP) to provide reliable pumping systems and solutions for years. When MVP announced its new catalyst alarm, Sea Hunt jumped at the opportunity to add them to their pumping systems to help decrease material waste and better control cost.

Recognizing the advancements in the latest catalyst alarm, Sea Hunt purchased twelve systems. The MVP team installed and trained the operators on how to use the new devices. With the very first installation, the operator began spraying a boat hull as usual when the alarm sounded a few minutes later. The issue was immediately identified as the catalyst tip, which was quickly replaced. The operator was back to spraying the same part in less than five minutes. Without the catalyst alarm, the entire part would have been lost and the operator would have needed to start the part over again. 

“The catalyst alarm paid for itself in the first twenty minutes of use,” said Eddie Nabier of Sea Hunt Boats. “Having these types of safeguards in place not only keeps our production environment safe but it also reduces downtime and material waste, which in turn saves us money.”

Gaps in catalyst flow can create a variety of issues including under-catalyzed parts, wasted material, and safety hazards. MVP’s catalyst alarm is designed with advanced sensors to measure the presence of catalyst in three major areas, signaling if the catalyst pump fails to deliver a full portion of catalyst to the applicator or gun. If you are interested in learning more about catalyst alarms or other monitoring systems, contact us today at