Manufacturers are under conflicting pressures from their customers to build stronger products for increased durability while simultaneously reducing weight to minimize shipping costs. To achieve these goals, many manufacturers are turning to adhesives, a superior option to mechanical fastening. Structural adhesives cut manufacturing costs by reducing the number of mechanical fasteners required to create a joint or attach two parts. An adhesive-bonded joint also results in a smooth, clean surface, reducing the added labor needed for preparation and finishing. Additionally, adhesives can even be pre-applied to areas inaccessible to mechanical fastening during the assembly process.

“We knew we wanted something reliable from a company that’s close by. That way, we can get the needed parts when we need them. That’s when MVP was recommended to us.”

Mack Molding Calls MVP

For 97 years, Mack Molding has been a leader in large-part injection molding, painting, and secondary assembly. In 2015, Mack Molding acquired adhesive units from Magnum Venus Products (MVP) for exterior trim pieces, primarily bumpers manufactured for the transportation industry. 

Mack Molding’s past experience dealing with adhesive equipment manufacturers had been disappointing, according to one of their Manufacturing/Automation Engineers, who describes previous equipment as unreliable. “The support and availability of the parts were all-around bad,” says their representative. “We knew we wanted something reliable from a company that’s close by. That way, we can get the needed parts when we need them. That’s when MVP was recommended to us.” 

Mack Molding appreciates that MVP is a family-run business and chose them for their reliability, service, and consistency in producing high quality mix and metering equipment. MVP’s equipment has allowed Mack Molding to innovate their processes of making lightweight products for customers without weakening bond-strength. 

MVP Saves Mack Molding Time and Money

MVP adhesive systems have saved Mack Molding, and other companies like them, both time and money by reducing processes, parts used in production, and labor costs. Mack Molding believes that no one in manufacturing has time “to stand there all day long trying to get a pump ratio right.” MVP equipment has helped reduce labor time and costs by providing accurate material ratios. Mack employees spend less time checking the pump ratio and more time using the equipment to make their parts. The Patriot™ 10:1 Adhesive System was designed based upon expertise gained from years of producing mix and metering units for customers. According to Mack Molding, it is a “perfect machine” for their applications. 

The Patriot™ 10:1 Adhesive System is the solution Mack Molding turned to for their low-flow, high-volume methacrylate adhesive material processing needs. This system has been ideal for Mack Molding because it provides accurate mixing and metering for industrial adhesives. The unit can take a high volume of materials and dispense them at accurate low dosing. With an average of 40 cycles/minute, the Patriot™ 10:1 Adhesive System has an output of .45 GPM and can achieve an array of other outputs. Mack Molding now produces more parts and has less downtime and rework. 

An excellent choice for robotics, Patriot™ Technology features the following: 

• Reliable metering system for methacrylate adhesives bonding materials 

• Displacement pumps for metering accuracy 

• Double acting piston pumps provide continuous flow 

• Hand-held and automatic gun options available

Mack Molding Chose MVP for Reliability and Service

Beyond the technology, Mack Molding also chose MVP for their reliability and service. The MVP sales and support staff ensure each of Mack Molding’s systems is running as designed at all times. If there is ever an issue, Mack Molding has direct access to quickly resolve it. 

“MVP has been great for Mack with their products and support. Any time we have a question or need support, they get it to us,” a Mack spokesperson says. “On occasion, I have called, and they helped me troubleshoot issues over the phone. They have even driven here and helped me figure out the issue. They stand behind their products and parts!” With service technicians located all throughout the U.S., every customer has easy access to a local MVP expert with minimum downtime. 


Mack Molding needed accurate mixing and metering for industrial adhesives. They wanted the ability to take a high volume of materials and dispense them at an accurate low dosing. The Patriot™ 10:1 Adhesive System from MVP met all of these challenges. 

MVP manufactures and assembles all units in-house, then delivers and installs them, using only their employees or international certified distributors. The ultimate goal is happier customers. Not only has Mack Molding benefited from working with MVP, but their customers have as well. 

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