The EPA is making companies reduce the production and use of styrene. Most famously used in Styrofoam, styrene is primarily used in the production of polystyrene plastics and resins. Acute (short-term) exposure to styrene in humans results in mucous membrane and eye irritation, and gastrointestinal effects, while chronic (long-term) exposure results in central nervous system (CNS) effects, such as headache, fatigue, weakness, depression, CNS dysfunction, hearing loss, and neuropathy. All of these are good reasons to avoid styrene exposure in the workplace.

A great deal of styrene exposure occurs through production inefficiencies—a lack of efficient and reliable injection systems with controls creates waste, loss of product, and exposes employees to potentially dangerous aerosols. Manufacturers need innovative tools and solutions, stronger parts with higher glass-to-resin ratios, and minimal waste.

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is meeting industry demand by offering a new way to mix materials in a closed mold application with its Patriot™ Innovator Injection System. As Andrew Hedger of MVP explains, “the unit gives the composites industry accuracy and simplicity when it comes to metering or mixing materials into a closed mold application.” Further, it takes potential operator errors out of the equation.

The Patriot Innovator Injection System from MVP was designed for injecting polyester, vinylester, and methacrylate resins and catalysts at controlled pressures. The material mixing is done on demand at the injection head, and catalyst ratios can be adjusted from 0.75% to 2.5%. The fully pneumatic automated controls and stroke number counter control the number of strokes during injections and re-circulations, and make the process easier and more efficient. Safeties are built in and the highly acute Patriot mix/meter technology contributes to the precision and increased efficiencies of the system. The unique control panel makes the entire system easy to operate.

Plant managers will no longer have to worry about potential operator error, or equipment constantly failing, or having the proper mix with the precise metering and mixing of the MVP Patriot Injection Pump. The systems also has standard controls such as Resin Gel Alarm (RGA), Mold Pressure Guard (MPG), integrated controls for the Auto Gun Turbo Autosprue/IVx3/PPVS on/off, and flush controls, which makes the system very operator friendly. And customers will, in turn, get into closed mold applications a lot easier.

With the EPA regulating exposure to styrene, more efficient and reliable injection systems with controls are needed. The Patriot Innovator Injection Systems fits the bill perfectly. With it, facilities will be able to ensure employees have the lowest levels of styrene exposure possible. And since styrene exposure means you are also wasting product, reducing styrene loss is also good for the bottom line.

MVP solutions are designed to meet the strictest quality requirements and provide very simple user experiences. Our Patriot Innovator Injection System is the best way for you to reduce employee styrene exposure while still being able to use it in your manufacturing process.

To learn more about how MVP can supply your business with a controlled, efficient and reliable injection system, visit today!