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MVP reciprocator series is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a chopper gun and/or gelcoat spray gun that traverse a mold or table. Spray-up and rollout are both completely automated and some contoured shapes may be produced when part of the rolling is performed by hand. The quick reverse traveling spray gun require no gun triggering and permit no excess build up at the panel edges. Standard equipment and options include resin pump and dispense equipment, roll out assemblies, mold drives, traveling units and more.

Gel Coat

The gelcoat gun travels at about 5 feet/second (1.5m/second) across the table and is capable of applying a 15 mil (.38mm) gel coat with a tolerance of +/- .005 inch (.127mm).

Traveling Units

Traveling Units are a great solution when factory space is limited or large heavy molds are required.


The Chop/Lamination Reciprocator is capable of producing FRP laminate at a width between 4 feet and 8 feet with the standard machine.

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