Open Mold Equipment - Blue Line

Robust, rugged, and accurate metering/pumping systems for applying Polyester Gelcoats and MEKP on composite tooling for construction of composites fiberglass parts for low and standard volumes in even thicknesses. Traditional industries for this equipment are Marine (boats, jet skis), Automotive (Aftermarket parts, truck canopy’s, large truck parts), Tank building ( corrosion, chemical, waste water), amusement parks (water slides, rides and rock walls) and Home Construction (bath tubs, hot tubs, jacuzzis,swimming pools).

Precision Gelcoat Unit

Delivering various output volumes with a wide range of spray patters.

Pro Rider Gelcoat System

The Pro Rider is ideal for spraying small parts and features proven MVP technology.

MiniPro Gelcoat Systems

The MiniPro Gelcoat system features reliable low pressure gelcoat delivery, easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.

UltraMAX™ Multi-color Gelcoat System

Intelligent engineering combines to make this system an operator's top choice.

Patriot™ Multi-Color Gelcoat System

Easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.

UltraMAX™ Gelcoat Systems

Fewer parts, stainless steel where you need it, and a rugged design, combine to make this system one of the operator's top choices.

Patriot™ Gelcoat Systems

Precision and accuracy are the keys to success and the Patriot™ Gelcoat Systems offer a positive displacement pump design that delivers highly accurate ratio control of ±0.1%.

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