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As the Urethane and Coatings Division, we have taken the strengths in mix meter equipment in FRP to enable us to enter into the foam, polyurea, and urethane markets. Magnum Venus Products is always working toward bringing out the capabilities and possibilities in new advancing material groups. The changes in the industry standards will continue to make us more receptive to what our customers need and expect from us. Our 1:1 foam and urethane equipment, along with our variable proportioning systems, have found great acceptability in aerospace and wind energy applications and a diverse range of urethanes. Uses include insulation spray foam and special coating materials like Polyurea and Polyaspartics.

UPS-DUO Standard Volume

Precise, proven metering technology. With true 1:1 delivery of Urethane, Epoxy, Silicone or Polyester materials, it is ideal for materials used in coating, adhesives, casting and laminating resins.

Patriot 1:1 Duo System

MVP's Patriot 1:1 Duo System has been specifically designed to mix and dispense multiple 1:1 volumetric materials.

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