MVP closed molding systems focus on customers in the composite industry who are looking to go from open molding parts to a more efficient way of closed molding. When the switch happens there are many benefits for the customer with reduced emissions, higher quality parts, cleaner facilities, and more efficient work environments. MVP’s division is here to support the change with the most reliable meter and mixing pumping equipment for closed molding, including its accessories as well. By using our equipment we have made customers able to inject into disposable bags, LRTM molds, and many reusable bag methods without over pressurizing the mold/part. MVPs Closed Mold Division has been rapidly succeeding and growing with the Closed Mold processes and Industry out there today.

Patriot™ Innovator Injection Systems

Power, versatility, automation and unprecedented precision in two compact systems.

MkVI Injection System

The MkVI Injection System comes in three configurations, Polyester, Phenolic, and Epoxy Resins. This unit is ideal for Advanced Closed Molding applications. These systems come with multiple pump options based on the material used.

High Volume Duo Injection System

The High Volume Duo System Specifically Designed to Mix and Dispense High Volumes of Resin in a Closed Mold Application.

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