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MVP offers a variety of accessories to support our Advanced Equipment products.

Fiber Creel & Tensioners

Magnum Venus Products provides choices of fiber dispense equipment depending on material being used.

Control Upgrades/Retro-Fit

MVP can supply, update or control retrofits to your existing filament winding machine – even if you currently own a non-MVP filament winder.

Pipe ID Coupler Saw

This machine cuts a thick wound pipe into sections of 30 or 33 cm (12" - 13") as required.

Pipe End Calibration Saw

The Cut & Rectify machine is designed and constructed for the proper preparation of GRP/FRP pipe ends. This system is to provide GRP/FRP pipe ends for joining couplers or bell & spigot ends.

End Bell Equipment

The End Bell Machine is designed to automate the process of chopping tank end domes.

Mandrel Extractor

The mandrel extraction station is designed to extract pipe mandrels from a finished fiberglass cured pipe.

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