Mandrel Extractor

Designed to extract pipe mandrels from a finished fiberglass cured pipe

The mandrel extraction station is designed to extract pipe mandrels from a finished fiberglass cured pipe. This unit would provide a system of a hydraulic breakaway cylinder to force the initial extraction. This design utilizes a 7-foot stroke 10-inch bore hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder is mounted to a movable carriage assembly. The cylinder is extended open and connected to the mandrel after the mandrel is placed on the centerline of the extractor. The carriage has trip dogs that will lock the carriage when pulling the mandrel through the extractor stripper plate. The mandrel will then be pulled from the finished part.

Controls for the carriage travel are located at the mandrel extraction station for ease of operation for one operator. Hydraulic system is provided with a dual speed system. This hydraulic unit would auto-detect the amount of force or pressure required. This provides the initial larger breakaway force at a lower, controlled speed. Then a faster or quicker pull of the mandrel once it has broken free from the part.

The extraction time would be between 5 -10 minutes on a 6M (20-ft.) mandrel.

Specs & Details