Chop/Lamination Reciprocator

Capable of producing FRP laminate at a width between 4 feet and 8 feet .

The Chop/Lamination Reciprocator is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a gel coat and/or a chopper gun that traverses or reciprocates over a moving mold or table. Spray applications and material rollout can both be completely automated. Most commonly, this machine is used to apply polyester resin and chopped gun roving simultaneously. The Reciprocator features a quick gun carriage reversal to recover normal speed of the gun head. This quick reverse requires no gun triggering, giving little build-up at the edges of the panel for minimum waste and a high production rate.

Specs & Details




  • Equipment Configuration: Stationary or portable
  • Mix & Dispense Equipment: Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, etc.
  • Controls: PLC controlled and adjusted
  • Standard Available Sizes: 8ft (2.7M) to 12ft (3.6M) wide
  • Gelcoat Output Capacities: 5,400 ft.2/hr (500 M2/hour)
  • Lamination Output Capacities: 2,700 ft.2/hour (240 M2/hour)
  • Spray Gun Travel Speed: 5 ft./second (1.5 M/second)
  • Fiber Chopper: Four (4) strand chopper gun
  • Automatic Flush System


  • Environmental Enclosures
  • Mold Drives
  • Mold Shuttles
  • Roll Out Assemblies

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