More and more Closed Molding is becoming the preferred choice for Composites manufacturers, and Magnum Venus Products just designed the “next step” in innovation that will insure they can meet the needs of multiple production types.

That next step – The Innovator Plus PLC Controls.

Included with this controls system:

  • Air logic for pumps/guns
  • Standard 8cc/16cc volume per count resolution. Optional finer resolutions are available.
  • 6-inch color HMI
  • 250 recipes standard. Optional additional 250 recipes available.
  • NEMA 4 cabinet
  • 102db alarm/light for alarms status
  • 3-color stack light for machine status
  • 3-ethernet ports and switch
  • Coalescing water/contaminant trap
  • 110/220 VAC

The Innovator Plus is designed to make your production more efficient and cost effective. To learn more, just fill out the information request form below.