Optimize Your Manufacturing Process with Customized Equipment and Personal Service

For product manufacturers, time is always of the essence. By delivering orders on time, or even ahead of schedule, a manufacturer can keep retailers happy and increase retailer retention. A time-efficient process also reduces costs of labor, materials, energy, and operational costs to boost the bottom line. One of the best ways to decrease production time without compromising product quality is to incorporate equipment into the process that is simple and easy to use. By removing unnecessary complexities and waste from the equation, manufacturers can develop more cost-effective and streamlined operations. Magnum Venus Products (MVP) helps product manufacturers better optimize their processes through customized equipment that is specifically designed for ease of use.

MVP is a premiere manufacturer of composite application equipment serving diverse industries including automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, railway, oil & gas, wind energy, and many more. Our mission is to design equipment with the end user in mind, tailoring machinery to fit perfectly into a manufacturer’s production processes to enhance efficiency. To accomplish this, we prioritize customized solutions and world-class support service, ensuring we effectively meet the needs of our partners.

What makes our offerings really stand out is that we provide Mix/Meter precision that is robust and ergonomic. This reduces the amount of rework that may need to be done and yields a 40-50% reduction in parts usage, allowing manufacturers to focus time and financial resources on the final product. The advantages of meter/mix/dispense machines include less downtime, while avoiding the cost and inflexibility of batch processing. In addition, our Patriot Innovative Injection Systems have fully pneumatic automated controls, controlling the number of strokes during injections and recirculation to further optimize the production process.

MVP is in a league of its own when it comes to sales, service, and support. Unlike many of our competitors, we staff highly trained experts who get to know a manufacturer’s business inside and out to provide unique, one of a kind solutions. Customer service representatives are readily available to ensure a positive partner experience and absolute peace of mind. We have multiple stockings across the US and around the world, providing prompt delivery and response.

Manufacturing equipment that is tailored to the exact needs of a production process and allows the manufacturer to focus on the end product and the end user can promote a faster and leaner operation. MVP provides customized equipment that improves efficiency, and backs it up with support that is second to none.

Reach out to us at http://www.www.mvpind.com/us to schedule an on-site visit so that we can learn about your specific production process and create unique solutions that drive optimization and lower costs.