MVP has been a leading manufacturer of composite equipment for over 60 years, and services every leading manufacturing industry from aerospace to green technologies – and everything in between. Precision fluid dispensing technologies are what we do like no other. But that’s by no means all we do.

Jeff Austad, formerly the Director of Sales, described MVP’s growth: “We are doing more of these specialty materials than ever before, due to the growth in closed molding, and we have expanded our product line since the mid-2000s.”


The PATRIOT Pump System

One remarkable piece of equipment in MVP’s product line is the PATRIOT pump system. Problems inherent in non-atomized spraying of gel coats, resins and closed molding systems required a solution, and MVP answered the need.

There is a brief moment at the top and bottom of a piston stroke where the percentage of resin and catalyst can be off,” explained Austad. “Our design enables a very smooth, quick switchover so that metering is accurate throughout the pumping cycle.” PATRIOT has fewer parts, seals and packings so there’s far less wear and required maintenance.


In the area of closed mold injection systems, Austad described what makes MVP’s INNOVATOR truly innovative: “You have an injection pressure, and then the pressure at the resin flow front. At about 75 percent of the way to filling the mold, these two pressures are very different. A pneumatic sensor in the mold senses pressure and communicates back to the machine control to slow the pump, and can shut the flow valve and stop the pump if required.” INNOVATOR’s entirely pneumatic system is equipped with a control box, mold pressure guard and stroke counter for accuracy that can’t be beat.


The Innovator Plus is designed to make your production more efficient and cost effective. With unprecedented precision part-to-part, this equipment offers the ability to automate production in one system. It features a PLC/Touchscreen combination, the ability to store up to 500 unique recipes, and output capabilities of up to 7.5 lbs./min.

This controls system includes air logic for pumps/guns and standard 8cc/16cc volume per count resolution. Optional finer resolutions are available. It also features 6-inch color HMI, 102db alarm/light for alarms status, 3-color stack light for machine status, 3-ethernet ports and switch, and a coalescing water/contaminant trap.

MVP has you covered with the best products and service this industry offers.

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