MVP’s Advanced Equipment Division (AED) is pleased to announce the latest successful large equipment installation at ZCL Composites Edmonton facility. The installation concluded with the manufacturing of a number of production “Flare Knock Out” (FKO) tanks.

ZCL PhotoZCL’s filament wound fiberglass underground pressure vessels are designed for the safe containment of produced water and liquids from flare gas streams. Extremely durable, these drain and FKO pressure vessels are designed for quick and easy installation. They can be buried almost anywhere, using virtually any backfill materials available: sand, gravel, selected native backfill and granular soil. The double wall filament wound fiberglass construction allows compliance with current guidelines while greatly reducing the risk of leak-related cleanups in the field.

ZCL is a long standing customer, using numerous MVP resin mix/dispense and fiberglass chop units in many different ZCL facilities and product applications.

The addition of this latest “state of the art” four axes filament winding machine improve production capacity and quality of the continued manufacturing of these FKO pressure vessels for many years to come. This winding machine provides the ZCL engineering and manufacturing teams with many new tools for accurately controlling, monitoring and recording the variables associated with the filament winding process. This will help ZCL ensure the proper materials and laminate structures are completed with each pressure tank.

MVP truly appreciates the opportunity to work with ZCL, and we look forward to expanding our business relationship with more winding machines and other customized equipment in the near future. As with all MVP customers, ZCL can count on MVP for continued assistance and support with this machine and any future equipment.