Like most manufacturers over the last several years, Magnum Venus Products has had to work very hard to overcome the effects of the Recession. And, work hard they did.

Starting in January, the MVP management team issued a challenge: Get more systems into the hands of our customers in 2014 than ever before. Each month saw a steady increase in outgoing shipments, and as of October 31st, the team at MVP had shipped 25% more systems to our customers around the world than went out the doors in 2013. There were multiple types of systems that included: choppers, gelcoaters, adhesive/sealants/putty, injection/infusion, high-volume, PU, Epoxy, systems that will be integrated into robotic applications, systems used in advanced production such as filament winding, and more.

This was definitely a team effort. From the machinists who manufactured the individual parts, to the people in inventory tracking and pulling the necessary equipment, to the team in assembly “making the magic come alive”, to the people who packed them in boxes and crates and got them out the door – everyone put in the maximum effort to reach their goal.

MVP prides itself on hiring talented people who know how to work with those around them to get the job done, and they surpassed even the highest expectations this year.

Congratulations to the entire MVP team on such a great result.