MVP Patriot Adhesive Systems Deliver Industry Leading Performance

The United States manufacturing industry is facing a major challenge in the recruiting and training of the next wave of skilled workers. In fact, 84 percent of manufacturers echo this concern by reporting moderate to severe shortages of qualified workers. This statistic, in combination with the U.S. Commerce Department’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) forecast of two million manufacturing jobs being available in 2025, clearly illustrates the magnitude of the workforce development conundrum.

This challenge is even more apparent in the composites sector where the need for effective workforce development is greater than ever. Without an active approach to preparing a highly skilled labor pool, composite manufacturers will struggle to compete in the scarce labor market. To combat this, MVP has become a strong proponent of workforce development, especially for the composites industry, and is taking an active role to address the problems at hand.

MVP understands that an effective and sustainable workforce development program is essential for labor force stability. And due to the general lack of awareness of composites manufacturing, MVP also recognizes that this particular industry faces further difficulties in competing with wood, metal, and electronics companies for their future labor forces.

Emerging as the leader in workforce development for the composites industry, MVP is striving to solve this issue by promoting workforce training and fostering industry awareness in order to increase the number of workers entering the industry, and reduce turnover. The result of successful workforce development is an increase in productivity and innovation which further improves industry performance.

Other organizations have also recognized the value of promoting workforce development in the manufacturing industry. “There’s a human capital challenge right now,” says Gary Miller, director of training and occupational development at SGS Tool Company. “With so many people retiring, we’ll lose a lot of our workforce in the next 10 years. By supporting schools and teaching kids about manufacturing, we’re building our employee pipeline. We’re developing our industry’s future.”

Building a sustainable pipeline of quality labor and talent retention relies on workforce training excellence and a proactive approach to raising industry awareness. MVP strongly believes that promoting effective workforce development in the composites industry and across all of the manufacturing sector will build a solid foundation from which the American manufacturing business will flourish. At MVP, we know that taking on this challenge today is necessary for tomorrow’s success.

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