MVP-Plural-Component-Pumping-EquipmentMagnum Venus Products has a prominent history of supplying systems for applying polyester resins and gel coats for the marine, tub and shower, and other composite markets. MVP has also produced equipment for adhesives, epoxies, and polyurethanes. When it comes to supplying the highest quality equipment in the composites industry, MVP leads the way. Its plural component pumping equipment is no exception.

Our plural component pumping equipment facilitates multiple applications with the greatest accuracy in the markets we serve,” says Peter Hedger of MVP. “Backed by the manufacturer with direct sales and service, we become a key partner to our customers to reduce parts usage, increase savings and decrease downtime.

Plural component equipment offers numerous benefits that improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. By mixing application elements in real time, cleanup is simple and product waste is eliminated, saving time and money. This is a vast improvement over the messy and wasteful hot potting method. Plural component equipment is also environmentally friendly. With minimal use of solvents, emissions are drastically reduced and, of course, very little is wasted. These reduced emissions also improve worker safety by releasing less potentially explosive compounds into the air. All of this is fantastic, but let’s not forget about performance. Precision mixing interfaces ensure product mixing ratios are both accurate and consistent, further improving the time and cost savings.

One of MVP’s marquee products using this technology is the PATRIOT pump system. An ideal choice for the non-atomized spraying of resins and gel coats, as well as for closed molding processes, PATRIOT is an industry-leading system. Featuring a two-ball, doubling acting piston pump, PATRIOT systems are built in-house and have been continuously improved to deliver unmatched performance.

There is a brief moment at the top and bottom of a piston stroke where the percentage of resin and catalyst can be off,” notes Jeff Austad, Global Director of Sales at MVP. “Our design enables a very smooth, quick switchover so that metering is accurate through the pumping cycle.

This new design not only improves the performance of the pump, but with a simplified design utilizing fewer parts, maintenance is a breeze. On top of that, its one-piece fluid section increases efficiency and reduces cost. Available in low, medium, and high volume pumps, and compatible with a variety of guns such as external or internal mix, and manual or automatic operation, PATRIOT pump systems can do it all.

MVP’s pumping systems are unmatched. Robust, rugged, and providing the most accurate metering, MVP’s reliable plural component pumping equipment has added value to numerous industries, including marine and automotive aftermarket parts, tank building, amusement park attractions, and home construction.

MVP is the only company in the composites manufacturing market that knows its customers as well as we do, and we respond accordingly,” says Hedger. “In our 60 years of experience, our patents and studies have literally moved the needle in the composites industry.

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