The global adhesives market is continuing to expand as innovations in technology are improving efficiency and product quality. For example, the industry is experiencing a shift from traditional solvent-based adhesives to high performance products including reactive adhesives and single component adhesives. Innovations and efficiency gains have broadened product applications, raising industry forecasts for the global adhesive and sealant market to reach nearly $60 billion in revenue by 2020.

Magnum Venus Products is an industry leader in innovation, and over the past year has been tirelessly researching and developing the optimal solution to help expand and streamline your adhesive operations without compromising quality on cheaper bulk adhesives. The result of these efforts is the Patriot metering systems, with a wide range of configurations to adapt to a variety of applications. Utilizing an air motor driven, double-acting piston pump in a variety of sizes, the Patriot metering systems produce material quantity in bulk with unmatched precision control.


In 2017 Magnum Venus Products will be releasing a cartridge filling station. “This new product allows the adhesive user to have the convenience of cartridge autonomy while also receiving the benefit of buying adhesives in bulk. It allows the user to refill cartridges, which will save on waste and decrease production times,” says Peter Hedger of Magnum Venus Products. The new product also offers “a simple, easier user interface to control a large, rather complicated machine.

One of the marquee products in the Patriot line is the Patriot 1:1 Adhesive & Sealants Chop Check System. It delivers a fixed one-to-one material mixing ratio without the need for gears or transfer pumps, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs. Along with precise metering and an easy to use design, this Patriot system is also equipped with a system to ensure operator safety, including material manifold blocks with built in gauges and a safety shut off device.

Also in the same product line is the Patriot 10:1 55 Gallon Adhesives System, the top-of-the-line, most advanced solution for methacrylate adhesive material processing. Using a chop check fluid section and double acting piston pumps, this system delivers the most accurate metering for methacrylate adhesive bonding materials on the market. Furthermore, the system is equipped with the MVP stainless steel Ultrabond gun and stainless steel transfer and catalyst pumps for a rugged, yet easily maintained unit. When it comes to adhesive and sealant material systems, the Patriot line of products by MVP delivers the highest quality while streamlining your operations.

Adhesive use is on the rise. From the assembly and aerospace industries to the composite materials and carbon fiber sectors, improving adhesive quality and efficiency are paramount to being competitive in today’s business environment. The MVP Patriot metering systems deliver both the convenience of a cartridge gun and the cost advantage of bulk material prices in an operator-friendly design.

This machine will greatly reduce the need for operators to have to store and load cartridges, which will lead to shorter lead times. It will also cut the cost by close to 75% on the cost of the raw material by buying in bulk, while maintaining the independence that a cartridge gun application provides,” says Hedger.

MVP has a reputation for manufacturing high quality precision equipment, and the Patriot product line is no exception.

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