OEMs are looking for alternatives to mechanical fasteners that reduce costs and increase speed. Open molding is one possibility, but many manufacturers are opting for the greater efficiency of closed molding. As such, there is an increased need for systems using meters and mixing pumps that can precisely deliver the required material for various closed mold methods. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to meter/mix/dispense (MMD) and robotics in adhesive application to help create a better bondline. And the latest equipment solutions from Magnum Venus Products (MVP) deliver lower costs, faster cycle times, and better part properties for MMD.

The use of MMD equipment in the composites industry is a very small part of the total market. Products were initially created to address the need to meter, mix, and dispense fluids such as lubricants, foams, paints, and coatings. But MMD has come to play an important role in composites fabrication as well. Molders use such equipment to supply resin to gel-coating and spray-up equipment, and for injection into pultrusion dies. MMD is also used to impregnate dry fiber in the filament winding process and to wet out layups and preforms in closed molding processes.

MVP offers multiple unique differentiators over its competitors in MMD equipment. For example, its systems use precise pumps and controls to deliver the required material every time. MVP products are also simple to use, so operators can learn to run them quickly. And they’re designed to be low maintenance and reliable, so downtime is reduced.

The MVP product line-up includes the following:

  • Patriot™ Innovator Injection Systems—A choice of two compact systems designed to provide power, versatility, and automation, with exceptional precision.
  • MkVI Injection System—Three configurations: Polyester, Phenolic, and Epoxy Resins—with multiple pump options, ideal for advanced closed molding applications.
  • High Volume Duo Injection System—A duo system designed to mix and dispense high volumes of resin in a closed mold application.

MMD systems operate by metering out precise amounts of each component and mixing them. The mixture is then dispensed onto a surface or into a mold by positive displacement, either by moving a piston or rod, or by rotating an auger or gear. MVP has made major R&D investments to create a unit that would provide a perfect mix, deliver this mixture in volume, and be durable in a variety of climates and conditions.

MVP closed molding systems are ideal for customers in the composite industry looking to move from mechanical fasteners or open molded parts to a more efficient process of closed molding. Owners, plant managers, and operators will benefit from reduced emissions, cleaner facilities, and more efficient work environments. MVP’s easy-to-use products are designed to create high quality parts, save material, and deliver a fresh mixture of material at the point of injection every time.

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