Prior to the creation of our patented Fluid Impingement Technology (FIT), government organizations’ awareness of the problems triggered by styrene emissions inside and outside of workshops had plummeted. Why? Well, typical research covering VOCs for spray is focused on droplet size. Emissions rise when the overall surface area of the resin increases due to the decline in diameter of resin droplets. Because “spray” droplets often reach a size so small they can’t even reach their target, they are forced to drift off as fumes into the atmosphere.

While the FRP industry embraced the new EloCoat tech as a viable and cost effective method for reducing styrene emissions, the individual linear streams still proved to be challenging for filled resin systems. To combat this challenge, we developed new tech – our Fluid Impingement Technology. By harnessing low-pressure impinging streams that break resin into large droplets after mixing, the FIT® System efficiently reduces emissions with its unique 2-hole FIT® tip design. By creating a sheet when the two streams interact, FIT enables the sheet to break up into ligaments, which then split into large droplets. This reduces emissions. A documented field test required by the state for a manufacturer showed emission levels as low as 2.2%.

This kind of innovative technology is why we exist.

Innovation is important to MVP,” explains Peter Hedger of Magnum Venus Products, “because in order to help our customers create beautiful products, we want to make sure the complexity of their tools is incorporated into the innovation we provide.”

Sponsoring Creativity

The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) strives to increase domestic production capacity and grow manufacturing jobs within the U.S. composite industry. Through our collaboration with the IACMI, MVP works to expedite the development of cutting-edge tech within the manufacturing industry. More specifically, our focus is on low-cost, energy-efficient manufacturing of sophisticated polymer composites used in vehicles, wind turbines, and compressed gas storage systems.

The DOE investment in IACMI will catalyze increased production capacity of carbon fiber and other materials important to U.S. leadership in advanced composite manufacturing,” says former IACMI CEO, Craig Blue.

IACMI’s research and development can only thrive through active and major industry participation. Therefore, we consider both the development of small and medium sized enterprises – and the long-term sustainability of these technologies – to be instrumental to the success of the IACMI. We need innovative thought from not just our team at MVP, but every other company if we are going to continue developing cutting edge tech like FIT, tech that saves time, money and resources.

We are the innovators of machinery,” says Peter Hedger of MVP. “We strive to be cutting edge in all of our products. We have always led our markets in innovation, starting from the moment we entered the pumping market, and we partner with leading industry innovators to help push innovation.”

Where We’re Going

Our purpose at MVP is to provide our partners with the means to get creative and produce materials unencumbered by the application method. Without this kind of freedom, manufacturers’ profits often dwindle due to obsolete technology. Our state-of-the-art pumping systems, spray guns, and filament winding machine has been instrumental in accelerating the production and technology boom within the automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, and oil and gas industries.

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