Julio Bermudez, MVP’s Director of Sales for Latin America, Caribbean and Mexico, was honored to receive an Award of Recognition for his dedication to Poliformas Plasticas. Every year Poliformas Plasticas, MVP’s Distributor in Mexico, hosts a conference in Mexico City for it’s costumers and suppliers, giving them a chance to connect while attending seminars and observing demos. The highlight of the conference is Demo Day which allows everyone a chance to experience processes such as Light Resin Transfer Molding, Chop, and Gelcoat first hand.

As Director of Sales for Latin America and Mexico, Julio stays in constant contact with major companies like Poliformas Plasticas and Abcol, MVP’s largest Latin American distributor based out of Brazil. With help from Julio, Abcol has more than tripled their sales in the past fifteen years due to their ability to maintain a large inventory of equipment and a knowledgeable, well-trained staff.