China-Closed-Mold-Training-1014China is one of the fastest emerging markets for Composites production anywhere in the world. For two years, MVP has worked with our Chinese distributor MVP (HK-China) Ltd. to introduce our Chinese customers to Closed Mold production with Flex Molding Process. During that time, the reputation of this method of closed molding has grown, and classes fill up quickly when MVP conducts the Comprehensive 3-Day Closed Mold Training Course in China.

Most recently, MVP (HK-China) Ltd. hosted 17 attendees from across China on October 22 – 24 who are very interested in bringing closed molding into their production. Products made by these manufacturers range from wind energy, purification, radio domes and more. At this time, none are using closed molding, but by the end of the training, several had begun the consultation process for bringing it into their production.

Magnum Venus Products is always committed to bring to our customers the latest in innovative technology, and the training needed to take that technology and make it their own.