Composites are being used in exciting ways across a wide range of industries, from Architecture and Construction, to Aerospace and Energy, to Sports and Recreation.

Here are some of the hands-down coolest things being created from composites today.

Hot tub and spas: Is there any better way to wind down than a relaxing soak in a hot tub after a stressful day of work?

Most all above ground hot tubs today are created by a sheet of acrylic plastic and then sprayed with chopped fiberglass.

Decking: What good is a great spa if it’s not surrounded by solid, impressive decking?

Composite lumber materials work together to make this decking, often comprised of reclaimed sawdust combined with recycled grocery bags.

Biking Equipment: Carbon fiber is lightweight and offers high tensile strength, making it the ideal material for the frame of a high-performance push bike.

And don’t forget to stay safe with a carbon fiber helmet.

Jewelry: Those beautiful black rings becoming popular with men? They have likely been created from carbon composites as well.

Composites are historically versatile and reliable—and they are also the way of the future.

At MVP, we are always looking ahead of the curve to stay relevant for our customers.

We stay on top of trends such as 3D printing and automation and other cutting-edge technologies to offer you the highest quality composites in the industry.