For years, lightweight composites have been used in the construction of yachts, planes and turbines. Their durability and unique characteristics make them perfect for a wide range of climates, and they can be adapted to fit the requirements of a project. Recently, the possibilities provided by composite materials have attracted architects and builders who are utilizing them in a variety of structures. Seeing this, MVP’s team of industry leading experts are helping design customized building solutions for groups such as these. Rather than trying to implement traditional building materials in new environments, composites are being used to meet the specific needs of individual projects.

Take Dubai, for example. The arid climate combined with extremely high temperatures can present an interesting challenge to builders. Many traditional materials will expand in the heat and contract at night, leading to dangerous structural damage. Affan Innovative Structures, an architecture firm based out of Dubai, was tasked with designing the Sidra Medical and Research Center in this environment and used composites to deal with the problems they faced.

Affan combined an existing epoxy called Voraforce TF with carbon fibers to create an entirely new material that initially appears to be similar to fibreglass. This innovative material, however, is 85 percent lighter than steel but twice as strong. It is also resistant to corrosion as well as heat expansion, making it perfect for Dubai.

A key factor in the prominent role that MVP’s unique composite solutions have taken in the industry is their popularity with environmentally conscious builders. These composite materials are far more green than traditional materials, not only because they are low-maintenance and durable, which leads to less waste, but also due to the fact that they are incredibly energy efficient. Composites can be created with a high thermal mass, meaning the material can act as a slow-release temperature sink when used alongside proper insulation. Because of this, integrating composite solutions into building structures can make a serious impact on the heating and cooling bills.

MVP has a history of creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of environments. From helping designers develop corrosion resistant materials for high-rain climates to fighting off heat expansion in the desert, MVP allows companies to find a solution to any building challenge. By integrating their family values into business relationships, MVP has consistently provided unmatched customer service in the composites equipment industry. To learn more about green building initiatives, or to see how MVP can help with your next project, visit today!