This month the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), the world’s largest composites industry trade group, announced new members for positions on its Board of Directors. Bob Vanderhoff, President and CEO of Magnum Venus Products (MVP), was nominated to the ACMA Board alongside five other distinguished colleagues from the composites industry who will assume official duties July 1, 2020.

MVP has enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with ACMA for many years. The collaboration has led to improved government regulations and the development of innovative products to meet the changing demands of the industry. “We are proud to have a strong, longstanding relationship with ACMA and we look forward to continuing to share knowledge and industry insight for years to come,” said Bob Vanderhoff.

Vanderhoff joined MVP in 2017 as President and CEO after a successful decade-long consulting tenure as a business advisor and executive management coach. Drawing on a diverse background as a strategic leader for both private and public companies, he is directing MVP with a strong sense of purpose to achieve its key financial and growth objectives. Throughout his 36-year career, Vanderhoff has established a reputation for building, leading, and positioning businesses in a variety of executive roles in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

The ACMA Board is comprised of a diverse group of individuals representing a wide range of companies including manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of different sizes and various market segments. Learn more about the other board members announced here.