MVP is pioneering new ways to create reliable and simple adhesive application equipment. We strive to build equipment that is the highest of quality as well as user friendly. We are proud to offer systems that will work in multiple applications such as the Wood Industry, Marine Industry, Aerospace Industry, Transportation Industry and many more. If you are looking for quality Adhesives and Sealants equipment, MVP has what you are looking for.

Single Component Unit

The most user-friendly material unloader on the market.

Cartridge Filling Station

Our customers have the potential to realize 40-60% on material savings by filling their own reusable cartridges.

10:1 Adhesives Systems

Count on simple, highly accurate metering and mixing with these rugged, easy-to-maintain units. Your ultimate solution for methacrylate adhesive material processing needs.


Designed for the hardest and most critical applications, these systems operate at 1:1 material ratios and provide the most accurate shot size of meter mixed materials.


MVP’s Chop Check Putty Systems are efficient units that provide a precise, steady flow of material to your product.

UltraMax ™ Barrier Coat System

Dispensing sprayable syntactic materials for core replacements and barrier coats has never been easier.

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