High Volume Duo Injection System

The High Volume Duo System Specifically Designed to Mix and Dispense High Volumes of Resin in a Closed Mold Application.

The High Volume Duo Injection System features precise, proven metering technology, reliable high-volume flow, automatic Pro Gun  for consistent internal mix delivery, the lowest mix/meter percentage at plus/minus 0.01%.

Output capabilities: approx. approx. 60lbs./min. (6 gal/min or 22 litre/min)
Air Consumption: 18 CFM
Pump Ratio:
Maximum Air input Pressure: 100 psi


  • Manual or Auto High-Volume Gun options
  • CFH-4000 Heater – Double Stack
  • Auto-level control
  • Pneumatic PV Sensor
  • Heater Control
  • CE Guard
  • HV Turbo Auto Sprue
  • Patriot ™ Innovator Plus PLC Option

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