Mixing Equipment

MVP has a full line of mixing equipment with multiple choices to suit nearly every mixing need.

AL-1000-Lift-Mix-ProLift Mix Pro

Powered by low CFM shop air, mixes drum materials consistently every time, and is ideal for filled resin systems where constant agitation to maintain filler suspension is required.







FP-4000 Mixer5-Gallon Mixer

This compact mixer incorporates a mixer and pick-up wand, making the transfer of mixed materials quick, clean and easy.






(M-AGD-20:  3-blade agitator with cover;  M-AGD-15:  3-blade agitator without cover)

Utilizing a 3/4 horsepower air motor with a 25:1 gear ratio, this mixer is ideal for mixing high viscosity materials.  A sealed gear box, sealed bearings, and synthetic lube for cooler running allow this mixer to continue running consistently with little maintenance.




Hand-MixerBunghole Mixers
(shown in photo: BHA-1000-L)

These 1/2 horsepower, air powered mixers are designed to mix various additives into polyester resins in 55-gallon drums.  The opposing blades blen materials thoroughly and maintain additives in solution.



Bung-Hole-MixerCollapsible Blade Mixer
(Bunghole: 50160-1; Tote:  50160-3)

This mixer uses a 1/2 horsepower air drive, and a 25 CFM maximum air supply.  Its blades fold to fit through a 2-inch bunghole, then open when lowered into resin.  It performs a thorough mixing of additives while materials remain in their original resin drums.





Lift Mix Pro:

Air Motor:  3/4 horsepower
Shaft:  32 inches
Gear Ratio:  25:1
Air Consumption:  20-25 CFM

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