Gelcoat Reciprocator

Designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using chop/wet-out gun

The Gelcoat Reciprocator Unit is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a chopper gun and/or gelcoat spray gun that traverses a mold or table. Spray-up and rollout are both completely automated, and some contoured shapes may be produced when part of the rolling is performed by hand. The system travels at about 5 feet/second (1.5m/second) across the table and is capable of applying a 15 mil (.38mm) gel coat with a tolerance of +/- .005 inch (.127mm). A maximum production rate of 5400 square feet/hour (500 square meters/hour) has been attained at 15 mil thickness. When the digital read-out system is used, accuracy can be monitored during set-up and operation of the machine. Includes pumping systems, nitrogen charging system, hooded fume collectors with filters and 3/4 HP exhaust fan.

Specs & Details




  • Equipment Configuration: Stationary or portable
  • Mix & Dispense Equipment: Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, etc.
  • Controls: PLC controlled and adjusted
  • Standard Available Sizes: 8ft (2.7M) to 12ft (3.6M) wide
  • Gelcoat Output Capacities: 5,400 ft.2/hr (500 M2/hour)
  • Lamination Output Capacities: 2,700 ft.2/hour (240 M2/hour)
  • Spray Gun Travel Speed: 5 ft./second (1.5 M/second)
  • Fiber Chopper: Four (4) strand chopper gun
  • Automatic Flush System


  • Mold Drives
  • Panel Widths up to 16 ft. (4.8 M)
  • Combo Gelcoat and Chopper Units
  • Environmental Enclosures
  • Traveling Units over Stationary Molds

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