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MiniPro Chop/Wetout & Quick Shot Systems

Entry Level Chopper System

  • Ideal for small or start-up operations
  • Quick set-up & easy installation
  • Low entry level pricing
  • Ideal for converting from Hand lay-up to mechanization
  • Available in Internal & External Mix configurations

MVP’s Chop Wetout Equipment features the Mini-Pro System. The MVP Mini-Pro Chopper System features reliable low pressure delivery, easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.

Featuring the famous MVP Pro pumping system that utilizes a heavy duty stainless steel catalyst pump, this machine allows the operator to adjust the preferred setting with ease. Catalyst settings can be made with a simple pin adjustment.

Designed to handle low-to-moderate volumes, the MiniPro Chopper is ideal when the high-volume capacity of the UltraMAX™, or Patriot™ systems are not required. All Pro Series Choppers use the V-Pro 2000 highspeed reversing valve to ensure smooth changeover from top to bottom stroke.

The ATC-4000 Gun is recommended for this system.

Quick Shot Pail Dispense System

Now you can achieve excellent resin & catalyst metering while dramatically lowering material and labor costs normally associated with bucket and brush applications.  With the Quickshot, resin and catalyst are dispensed quickly and more evenly with little clean-up and lower emissions.

Features of this system include:

  • Accurate ratios without the hassle
  • No drip, easy-to-use ball valve opens resin and catalyst flow precisely and evenly
  • No accumulators to charge, and no gun to flush
  • Very simple to operate


MiniPro Chop/Wet-Out System

Output Capabilities: approximately 1-5 lbs./min. (.45 – 2.3 kg/min.)
Catalyst Percentage: 0.5% to 3% by volume
Air Consumption: 12 CFM (340 L/min.)
Pump Ratio: 4:1 & 11:1
Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100 psi


QuickShot Pail Dispense System

Output Capabilities: approximately 4-8lbs/min
1.8 -3.5 kg/min
Catalyst Percentage: 1% to 3% by volume
Air Consumption: 6 CFM (170 L/min.)
Pump Ratio: 11:1
Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100 psi


Available in Internal and External Mix 

  • CFH-2000
  • CB-8000 Monitor
  • CTS-9000 Catalyst Alarm

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