All Things Composites

Forward thinking insights on composites technology and developments in the industry presented by Magnum Venus Products.

Episode 1: Industry Veteran Insights on the Past, Present, and Future of Composites

IACMI’s Chief Commercialization Officer, Dale Brosius, joins the inaugural episode of “All Things Composites” to discuss the development of the industry and why it is keeping pace with modern industry and business.

With decades of varied experience in the industry of composites, Brosius dives into the way composites have evolved and what new industries are discovering the benefits of using composites in production.

South Texas raised, Brosius grew up surrounded by big oil, which lead him to a chemical engineering degree and ultimately working all over the world in a variety of manufacturing industries. The author and consultant explained what factors lead to the growth of composites, like increased production speed, scale, and cost.

Episode 0: 3D Printing Brings Scaleability to Thermosets

On today’s Engineering & Construction Podcast we explored thermosets, what they are, how they are made, modern-day uses, and the manufacturing process. Joining us on the podcast to unpack the industry of thermosets are Magnum Venus Products experts Mike Kastura, Senior Product Manager, and Hannah Jay, Jr. Marketing Manager.

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