Mack Molding Turns to MVP for Reliable and Accurate Pumping Equipment

Manufacturers are under conflicting pressures from their customers to build stronger products for increased durability while simultaneously reducing weight to minimize shipping costs. To achieve these goals, many manufacturers are turning to adhesives, a superior option to mechanical fastening. Structural adhesives cut manufacturing costs by reducing the number of mechanical...

Sustainable Adhesive/Sealant Operations Creating a Healthier Future

The chemical industry has the biggest opportunity to implement green strategies due to the potentially adverse reaction on the surrounding environment. Implementing natural capitalism and sustainability principles lower costs, improve product quality, and increase customer satisfaction. Shaping operations with sustainable practices creates the path to better company operations. Motivation that...

Why Composites Make Being Green a Walk in the Park

There have always been core elements that consumers are looking for in the manufacturing industry. Is the product user-friendly? Is it built to last? Can it be used across multiple applications? However, as our world continues to make more concerted efforts toward becoming environmentally conscious, sustainability has become a central...

MVP Service Extends Far Beyond Their Valued Customers

Service is a core organizational pillar at MVP. In fact, developing personal relationships and providing customers with quality products and support is the foundation upon which MVP has stood for over 60 years. And these strong values extend beyond MVP’s customers, reaching out and touching neighborhoods and communities as well....

Use of Composites Is On the Rise in the Transportation Industry

According to National Geographic, a megacity is an urban area with more than 10 million inhabitants. In 1950, the only two megacities were New York-Newark and Tokyo, but today there are 22, mostly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. By 2025, there will be 30 or more megacities. As megacities...

How Composites Are Powering NASA Trips To The Red Planet

From the late 1950’s and continuing beyond Neil Armstrong’s triumphant first step on the moon in 1969, the space race captivated the world. For the first time in history, the possibility of reaching celestial bodies outside our own loomed on the horizon. The fever began to build and reach historic...

MVP Takes on Workforce Development Challenge in Composites Industry

The United States manufacturing industry is facing a major challenge in the recruiting and training of the next wave of skilled workers. In fact, 84 percent of manufacturers echo this concern by reporting moderate to severe shortages of qualified workers. This statistic, in combination with the U.S. Commerce Department’s Hollings...

The Use Of Composites Is Rocketing In The Aerospace Industry

While composites may seem like relatively new materials, they have actually been around for quite some time. What exactly are composites? In short, they are a combination of two or more dissimilar materials that combine to take advantage of the best properties of each, or impart a new set of...

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